Chairman’s Update – 10/29

We’ve almost made it! We have entered our final week of campaign season, and our margin is razor thin. It’s time to make sure everyone gets out and votes for our phenomenal slate of candidates, who have been doing some great things I’m excited to share with you all.

Donald Trump Jr. Coming to Williston

Donald Trump Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle, Vice Chairwoman of America First, are holding a rally in Williston tonight to help push Kevin Cramer and our Republican candidates to victory. Their visit to North Dakota is a strong reminder that President Trump’s agenda is on the ballot this November, and we’re glad they’re coming to rally our supporters.

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Get Ready to Vote!

The Republican National Committee has set up an up-to-date website to make sure everyone is prepared to vote this November! Check out the site and get all the information you need so you can say you voted Republican this November!

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Forum Endorses GOP Statewide Candidates

The Fargo Forum endorsed our candidates for Secretary of State, Attorney General, Agriculture Commissioner, and PSC. They know our leaders like Al Jaeger are experienced, capable leaders who represent our interests and deserve to stay on the job.

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Dem-NPL Plays Dirty Trick in Secretary of State Race

The Republican choice for Secretary of State is Al Jaeger. He is an experienced, effective leader, but unfortunately, our counterparts are trying to pull a dirty trick and make our voters think another candidate has our support. Don’t let it work! Make sure you get out and vote for the only Republican choice this fall: Al Jaeger.
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Al Carlson Defends Voter ID Laws

As national media has covered North Dakota’s Voter ID laws nonstop, yet still do not seem to fully understand the issue at hand, State House Majority Leader Al Carlson defended our Voter ID laws with Valley News Live anchor Chris Berg.

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