“False and misleading?” no problem!

Hey everyone—

Yesterday Kevin Cramer’s campaign called on Heidi Heitkamp to pull her misleading ad from the airwaves.

Unsurprisingly, Heitkamp’s campaign declined to do the right thing and has since doubled down on their desperate spin. Anchor Chris Berg said it best: “They are now continuing to perpetuate false and misleading information to you, the North Dakota voter.” Click here to check out his full segment. 


In this recent ad, Heitkamp claimed having a pre-existing condition “used to mean no health insurance.” That is not true, and public officials, PolitiFact, and the Associated Press have said so.

Stretching the truth is nothing new for Senator Heitkamp. Her team previously tried and failed to claim Cramer was lying about travel reimbursements. They’ve also worked to rewrite her record on immigration by claiming she’s always supported a border wall, even though she’s voted against it, spoken out against it, and campaigned against it.   

Given these constant fabrications and purposeful distortions of the truth, North Dakota voters have to wonder if they can trust anything Senator Heitkamp says at all.


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