Heitkamp’s Harmful Health Care Agenda – NDSen Debate

While both Kevin Cramer and Heidi Heitkamp want to protect coverage for pre-existing conditions, Heitkamp-backed Obamacare is wrong for North Dakota, and it hurts our small businesses and farmers.

Heitkamp’s lies on health care have been repeatedly fact-checked, but she has not stopped peddling misinformation.

Over the last ten years Heidi Heitkamp has taken more positions on Obamacare than anyone can count:

  • As a liberal activist, Heitkamp aggressively pushed for Obamacare to pass, but as a 2012 Senate candidate, Heitkamp instantly became critical of the law.

    • When Politico detailed this flip-flop, Heitkamp could not refute it.

  • Throughout her time in the Senate, Heitkamp has staunchly defended Obamacare.

Heitkamp’s health care law is out-of-touch with what’s best for North Dakota, and it hurts our state.


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