Her Final Stand

The country’s most vulnerable Senator, Heidi Heitkamp, just made her final stand against the people of North Dakota, voting NO on Brett Kavanaugh becoming our next Supreme Court Justice.

Heitkamp’s vote today is anti-lifeanti-second amendment, and anti-North Dakota. Now she’s in a tail spin, telling reporters she had to evaluate the FBI report first, though she likely shot an ad explaining her opposition before she saw the report. She also claimed in the ad she didn’t believe Kavanaugh, though in a local interview she essentially said the opposite.
Heitkamp may seem incapabale of explaining her vote, but the reason is clear– Heitkamp only voted no so national Democrats would bail out her failing reelection campaign. Chuck Schumer told her to vote no, the people of North Dakota told her to vote yes, and she chose Schumer.
“Heidi Heitkamp made the cowardly choice to cave to Chuck Schumer and oppose Brett Kavanaugh,” said North Dakota Republican Party Communications Director Jake Wilkins. “North Dakotans didn’t send Heitkamp to the Senate to take anti-life, anti-gun, anti-North Dakota stances like the one she took today. Unlike Heitkamp, Kevin Cramer will always put the people of his state above his own political interests, and that’s why they’ll support him this November.” 


Put North Dakota First