Low Energy Heidi Heitkamp – NDSen Debate

Liberal to the core, Heidi Heitkamp began her career as Jimmy Carter’s EPA attorney and has put  special interests ahead of North Dakota’s energy industries ever since:

  • During the Obama administration, Heitkamp took a series of liberal votes that were out-of-step with North Dakota’s energy industry:
    • Heitkamp supported a harmful BLM environmental regulation limiting methane release on oil and gas operators. 
      • Heitkamp’s vote was considered a win for President Obama and New York Times liberals who praised her decision.
      • President Trump’s administration took action to fix Heitkamp’s harmful regulation.
    • Heitkamp voted twice for higher taxes on the oil industry.
    • Heitkamp supported Obama’s dangerous Iran Nuclear Deal, which opened world markets to Iranian oil, hurting North Dakota energy producers.
  • During the Trump administration, Heitkamp voted against the tax cuts that opened up ANWR for drilling.
  • Heitkamp also voted against President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Justice Kavanaugh, whose previous rulings showed he aligned with North Dakota’s energy interests.


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