ND GOP Chairman’s Update – 9/18

I hope everyone has had a great start to their September. Our campaigns and candidates have sure hit the ground running, so I’m excited to share what they’ve all been up to.

President Trump Visits Fargo

President Donald J. Trump came back to Fargo on Friday, September 7th for a special VIP Reception and Fundraiser in support of Kevin Cramer’s U.S. Senate campaign. He reminded our supporters and anyone listening across the country why we need to replace Heidi Heitkamp.

Check out some of his comments here!

National Day of Action

Our North Dakota Republican Party made a strong showing this weekend for our last National Weekend of Action. NDGOP volunteers and staff across the state knocked doors, called voters, and marched in parades- all in support of the Republican ticket.

Read more about the weekend here!

Campaign Signs Available!

Nothing says campaign season like seeing yard signs around the neighborhood! Yard signs for Republican candidates up and down the ballot are available at several of our field offices.

Learn how to get your yard sign here!

Gov. Burgum Hosts Event For Al Jaeger

Senator Sorvaag Addresses NDSU

College Republicans

Senator Ron Sorvaag of District 45 addressed NDSU College Republicans this past Thursday to discuss the importance of standing for what you believe in and how the legislature can connect with young minds.

In The News

Clad in a golf shirt, cargo shorts and tennis shoes, Cramer darted in from the side, sprinting to catch up as he had just arrived from a veterans home event in Lisbon, about 250 miles away. In a flash, the 57-year-old canvassed and crisscrossed the street to shake the hands of as many Hazenites as he could.

After all, this is how you win a Senate race in North Dakota, according to Cramer.

Read the full Bismarck Tribune article here.

Heidi Heitkamp Brother: Trump Will Help Hurricane Florence Victims Because ‘They’re White’

Joel Heitkamp tweeted on Wednesday that potential Hurricane Florence victims do not have to worry about the incoming storm because Trump will come to their aid because “they’re white,” implying that the president did not aid storm victims in Puerto Rico due to their Hispanic heritage. Heitkamp’s tweet comes the same day as the North Dakota Red Cross announced it will travel to North Carolina to help those caught in the wake of the hurricane.

Read the full Breitbart article here.

Fifty Days Until Mid-Terms as Senate Control is in a Toss-up

The race that has really filled my inbox in recent weeks is the North Dakota Senate battle. Both sides in the North Dakota race have been brawling in news releases and ads on an almost hourly basis. Cramer came out Monday with an ad championing his energy policy while criticizing Heitkamp for supporting the Iran nuclear deal, saying “Heitkamp chose Iranian oil producers over hard-working North Dakotans.” The press releases from Cramer and Heitkamp surrogates have attacked just about everything but the brand of toilet paper the other campaign buys. I expect those attacks will come as we get closer to Nov. 6.

Read the full The Progressive Farmer article here.

Congressional Candidate Kelly Armstrong Speaks to Republicans in Fargo

“Really after Labor Day is when people who don’t necessarily eat, breathe, and sleep this stuff start becoming engaged, and now we need to get our message out to as many voters as possible because we think when they hear what we have to say, we’ll get tremendous amount of support,” said Armstrong. Armstrong is going up against former State Senate Minority Leader and Democratic nominee Mac Schneider for North Dakota’s lone seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Read the full KVRR article here.

Upcoming Events

District 44 Smores And More Social | Tuesday, September 27 5:30 PM

For more information, contact Chris Langerud at clangerud@gmail.com.

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