New Ad: Can’t Do the Math

The North Dakota Republican Party released a new ad today to highlight that while Republican Majorities are hard at work — Democrats are once again trying to raise taxes.

“Republicans in both chambers are hard at work for North Dakota,” said North Dakota Republican Party Chief of Staff Dawson Schefter. “Meanwhile, Democrats have their sights set on raising taxes — trouble is, they can’t seem to get the math right.”

  • The North Dakota Legislature has adjourned for its crossover recess — marking the halfway point of the 66th Legislative Assembly.
  • Senator Merrill Piepkorn and Rep. Pamela Anderson each introduced legislation to raise the oil extraction tax.
  • Over the past five years, North Dakota’s oil industry has paid 50 percent of all taxes collected in the state.
  • Democrats have been parroting these talking points since 2015 — yet this political theatre has been rejected by voters time and again.
  • Republicans have been hard at work, taking steps forward on:
    • Developing a strong workforce
    • Diversifying our economy
    • Improving our infrastructure network
    • Reducing taxes
    • Improving behavioral health services
  • Republican policies continue to benefit the individuals, families, and businesses of North Dakota — making our state the best place to live and work.

Senator Merrill Piepkorn: “I’m going to walk in the first day and say ‘Okay, ladies and gentleman, here I am. Let’s raise those taxes today.’”

Senator Merrill Piepkorn: “I will admit, I’ve got fuzzy math going on here.”

Senator Merrill Piepkorn: “Senator Cook, I do not understand that. I would appreciate that if you could explain that to me.”

Senator Dwight Cook: “Zero percent tax is going to raise a lot less money than five percent tax. Do we agree?”

Senator Merrill Piepkorn: “Uhm, I still don’t quite follow.”

Senator Dwight Cook: “So that is another tax increase…”

Senator Merrill Piepkorn: “That is, well. That is an increase, yeah.”

Senator Merrill Piepkorn: “Let’s raise those taxes today.”


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