National Republican Convention:  

Where:  Milwaukee, Wisconsin

When:  Monday, July 15, 2024 – Thursday, July 18, 2024

Minimum Qualifications:  

  1. Must have attended a previous North Dakota Republican State Endorsing Convention as a delegate, alternate, or page.
  2. Been elected or appointed as a delegate or alternate to the upcoming North Dakota Republican State Endorsing Convention (convening April 5, 2024, in Fargo).
  3. Not been convicted of or pleaded guilty to a crime that the Committee on Permanent Organization believes would reflect poorly on the North Dakota Republican Party.

Application Due Date/Time:  Must be received by 11:59pm on Friday, March 15, 2024. 

Estimated Costs are the responsibility of each elected delegate/alternate. The State Party does not cover these costs. Exact costs are unknown at this time.

Estimated costs are based on current advertised pricing for flights/hotels:
Estimated Flight (Reduced if drive) $675 to $2,140
Estimated Hotel Room Costs (5 night minimum) $1,550 to $2,750
Delegate/alternate fee (exact amount TBD) $350 to $500
Incidentals $250 to $350
TOTAL $2,825 to $5,740

The submission of this application by March 15, 2024, constitutes a self-nomination to stand for election at the State Endorsing Convention convening on April 5, 2024, in Bismarck, provided the Committee on Permanent Organization determines the applicant is qualified. All qualified persons who applied to the Committee will be deemed self-nominated as a delegate or alternate candidate unless withdrawn, in writing submitted to the Chairman, before the ballot is printed. No other nominations will be accepted from the floor at the 2024 State Endorsing Convention.

The Committee on Permanent Organization shall score, evaluate, and make recommendations for a slate of delegates and alternates to attend the National Republican Convention from applications received by March 15, 2024. The Committee shall make this recommendation by 5pm on Monday, April 1. 2024, and subsequently post its recommendation, along with the qualified applicants and the scores, on the State Party website. In addition, the Committee’s recommendation shall be given to each State Endorsing Convention delegate and alternate at or before registration. An applicant must be elected at the State Endorsing Convention to serve as a delegate or alternate to the National Republican Convention.

In addition to the State Chair, National Committeeman and National Committeewoman (who are automatic delegates without alternates), twenty-six (26) persons will be elected as delegates and twenty-six (26) as alternates. Voting shall occur by ballot, with nominees listed alphabetically by last name, with nominees recommended by the Committee on Permanent Organization identified in bold type. The delegate candidates receiving the highest vote totals equaling the number of delegate slots available shall be elected as delegates to the Republican National Convention. The remaining delegates candidates receiving the next highest vote totals shall be elected as alternate delegates to the Republican National Convention. Ties shall be decided by lot.

Applications may be submitted in one of the following methods:

  • Hand delivered to State Republican Party Headquarters during regular business hours
  • Mailed to:  NDGOP, PO Box 1917, Bismarck, ND 58502
  • Emailed to:
  • Online submission at the form below


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