Roughrider Roundup – November 20, 2023

Dear North Dakota Roughriders,

NDGOP Invites Democrats to Join the Fight Against Sexual Exploitation

The Democratic movement in North Dakota has attempted to run a smear campaign on the NDGOP…. to see our response, >>> CLICK HERE <<<


The NDGOP office showed grassroots support by representing at the Dakota Patriot’s Rally in Minot, ND on Friday November 17, 2023. The COO of Turning Point USA, Tyler Bowyer, was the keynote speaker of the evening. NDGOP had a successful membership drive at the event.

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Sandra Sanford, NDGOP Chairwoman

North Dakota

Fargo’s pride of Dakota holiday showcase returns this November


This event, a highlight for holiday shoppers, will host more than 140 companies, all showcasing their North Dakota-made products. Items ranging from gourmet food, wine, spirits, books, jewelry, and more will be available for purchase. Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring underscores the showcase’s diverse selection, offering something for everyone. 

Woodland Resort Awarded $1.75 Million Expansion Grant

Devils Lake Journal

Governor Doug Burgum had initially proposed $50 million for the Destination Development grant program in his executive budget recommendation. The Legislature approved $25 million in grant funding in July. The percentage funded of the total project is 31% and no applicant received the full amount requested according to the DOC. 

Motor Coach Industries To Remain In Operation in Pembina


[T]he company informed Gov. Doug Burgum this week that due to strong product demand, including for electric motor coaches, the company sees an opportunity to continue operations in Pembina. Burgum says they are in contact with the company about opportunities for workforce training and other support to help them meet demand.

Green Bison Soy Processing Plant Ribbon Cutting


Lt. Gov. Tammy Miller joined officials from ADM and Marathon Petroleum Corp on Tuesday, November 14th, at the Spiritwood Energy Park to celebrate the completion of the Green Bison Soy Processing plant, North Dakota’s first dedicated soybean processing plant, highlighting the project’s benefits to the state’s agriculture and energy sectors.

North Dakota judge upholds ban on sex-change surgery and hormones for minors

The Blaze

North Dakota Republican Governor Doug Burgum signed the bill into law in April 2023. He said it was “aimed at protecting children from the life-altering ramifications of gender reassignment surgeries,” the Associated Press reported.

Avian Influenza Identified in McIntosh County Backyard Flock

Morning AG Clips

“While the incidence of avian influenza had been on the decline in wild birds, neighboring states have been seeing an increased incidence of domestic flocks being infected,” Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring said. “Wild birds, especially waterfowl, continue to be a source of exposure to our domestic birds.”

ND sees increase in taxable transactions

Minot Daily News

“After eight consecutive quarters of strong, double-digit growth, the most recent quarter suggests economic activity in the state is moderating,” said Tax Commissioner Brian Kroshus. “While overall results were still favorable, with most sectors showing increases over last year, gains weren’t as pronounced as in previous quarters.”

Deadline extended for organic certification reimbursement

The Bismarck Tribune

Organic farmers, ranchers, processors and handlers can receive up to $500 of the organic certification costs they paid between Oct. 1, 2022, and Sept. 30 of this year, through the Organic Certification Cost Share Program for fiscal year 2023, according to state Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring.

North Dakota ag officials aim to expand “farm to school” food program


The state Department of Agriculture wants to improve access to locally grown food for schools. Officials are holding meetings over the next two months to get input on how to enhance the Farm to School program. Ag Commissioner Doug Goehring says the program will help kids learn how food is grown and produced.  

Washington DC

Sen. Hoeven hosting community meeting on rural health

Valley News Live

North Dakota Sen. John Hoeven is hoping to hear more input about improving rural health services.

The senator is hosting a community discussion with several local healthcare leaders, including representatives from Essentia, Altru, CHI St. Alexius and CommonSpirit Health…The senator’s office says Hoeven is hoping to address the community’s challenges and identify solutions to improve access to quality health care in the region.

Defense Officials Are Frustrated With ‘Incoherent Strategy’ For Deterring Attacks on US Forces In Iraq and Syria

The Messenger

“I don’t sense any deterrence,” Sen. Kevin Cramer (R-N.D.), with the Senate Armed Services Committee, said to the Washington Post. “They keep shooting, waiting for us to respond. We don’t, so they keep shooting. And eventually one of those drones, or one of those missiles or rockets, is going to kill an American. And then we’ll be off to the races.”

FBN’s Asman: Biden’s Iran Sanctions Waiver Is the Oil for Food Program for Iran


While speaking with Sen. Kevin Cramer (R-ND) Asman said, “Speaking of oil, by the way, I want to focus on Iran’s now getting another $10 billion in sanctions waivers. A gentleman of the name of Matt Miller from the State Department, he’s the [Spokesperson] for State, spoke about that earlier.”

ND delegation says resolution needed while negotiating budget funding

Minot Daily News

“This legislation will keep the government open while Congress continues working to pass the appropriations bills through regular order,” Sen. John Hoeven, R-ND, said…Congress should have finished these bills months ago, but I remain committed to doing the hard work needed to get the job done,” Sen. Kevin Cramer, R-ND, said…“The passage of this CR means we’ll avoid a government shutdown, pay our service members, extend the farm bill for a year and protect Americans’ hard-earned tax dollars,” Congressman Kelly Armstrong, R-ND, said.

Republicans have a bold new demand for Ukraine aid


“If you don’t reduce the numbers of illegals coming across the border, there’s no money for new Stinger missiles or F-16’s or whatever the case might be,” Sen. Kevin Cramer, R-N.D., told Semafor, adding the measure would be meant to “discipline enforcement” with the White House.

Sen. Cramer introduces bipartisan bill to address energy taxes

KX News

“We know that a barrel of oil produced in the Bakken has some of the lowest carbon intensity of any barrel of oil produced anywhere in the world,” he claimed. “If the European Union is purchasing oil from, say, Venezuela or Saudi Arabia, they’re actually paying for dirtier oil than if they were purchasing it from North Dakota — but they’re going to charge us a carbon tax. If we prove that our oil is cleaner than somebody else’s, that reduces their price and their tax, and it makes our oil more competitive in the global marketplace.”

Hoeven travels to Israel in show of solidarity

Minot Daily News
“When times get tough, friends stick together. I traveled to Israel in support of our ally, and its efforts to defeat Hamas and stand firmly against terrorism. We also talked about how we can work together to oppose Iran and its attempts to destabilize the region,” Hoeven said. “We had good meetings with Prime Minister Netanyahu and Israeli leaders to outline our support as they work to remove Hamas from power.”

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