Roughrider Roundup – October 25, 2021

Happy Monday!

Here’s a roundup of everything you might’ve missed from North Dakota’s great Republican leaders this past week. Please share with family, friends, and fellow Republicans!

North Dakota

National Guard Troops Deployed To D.C. In 2020 Return Home
Seventy soldiers with Company C, 2nd Battalion of the 285th Aviation Regiment were deployed last November to the nation’s capital. “Great to have everybody home, great on this first weekend back together here in Bismarck to have a day where we can come together and say thank you to you and your families, the communities and all those that support the military,” said Burgum.

Governor, First Lady to host fifth Recovery Reinvented Monday
Minot Daily News
“Recovery Reinvented is an opportunity for people to find resources and be part of a supportive community that embraces recovery from addiction,” First Lady Burgum said.

An ode to a bygone era and a former Grand Forks businessman, Harry’s Steakhouse opens with ‘American classic’ feel
Grand Forks Herald
During a recent tour of downtown Grand Forks, Gov. Doug Burgum stopped to see Harry’s. While there, he said the restaurant likely will be a tool local employers use for recruiting potential new hires. “Every company in town that’s trying to recruit a doctor, a professor, an engineer, whoever they’re trying to get to come to North Dakota, will bring them here for dinner and try to close the deal,” Burgum said.

State’s clean energy efforts being noticed
Bismarck Tribune
Burgum during the Williston Basin Petroleum Conference in Bismarck in May announced a goal of the state becoming “carbon neutral” by 2030. The state has been investing in a number of carbon capture projects.

Rules eased again for water, livestock feed haulers
Bismarck Tribune
A temporary easing of some driving restrictions for truckers hauling water and livestock feed will continue through most of November, to help ranchers struggling with drought. Gov. Doug Burgum announced Friday that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration granted his request to extend an hours of service waiver for drivers of commercial vehicles transporting water and livestock feed.

PSC approves new plan for paying off high natural gas prices from February
Prairie Public
“The reasons include mitigating the impact to all ratepayers, and especially households and small businesses that are still recovering from the impact of the pandemic,” Kroshus said. “They’ve had a rough go of it.”

Man charged with fraud, exploitation, banned from doing business in state
Bismarck Tribune
A man facing criminal charges in McLean County of construction fraud and elderly exploitation has been ordered to stop doing business in North Dakota. Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem has issued a cease-and-desist order banning George Williamson Stewart.

Washington, D.C.

LISTEN: Senator John Hoeven on carbon capture, pressing energy issues in ND
AM 1100 The Flag
U.S. Senator John Hoeven goes 1-on-1…on the recent approval of a carbon capture project in Richardton, what it means for the future of energy in North Dakota and what other projects are on his radar.

North Dakota damage suit survives federal government’s bid to gut $38 million claim
Williston Herald
“It is the negligence of the Obama White House and the Corps of Engineers and the Interior Department at the time that led to these riots and this upheaval that had to be policed. The State of North Dakota had to bear the cost of tens of millions of dollars to bring in outside police forces and police officers to keep the people safe in our state,” Cramer said.

Panel questions Interior pick on oil and gas reform, leasing
Environment and Energy Daily
Republicans vented their frustration with the Biden administration’s climate-focused handling of the federal oil and gas program in a hearing yesterday for the nominee to lead the Interior Department’s energy-focused bureaus…That freeze was a focus for several GOP lawmakers on the committee “Your approach is that the solution to greenhouse gas emissions and environmental standards is to force energy out of this country,” said Republican Sen. John Hoeven of North Dakota in one tense exchange over the now-reversed leasing moratorium.

Cattle Contract Library Gains Strong Support from Industry Leaders and Cattle Country
The Cattle Business Weekly
“Providing updated data is an important part of ensuring our ranchers have more tools at their disposal,” said Congressman Kelly Armstrong (N.D. – At Large).

Democrats, facing a Republican barrage, scale back plans for a crackdown on tax cheating.
The New York Times

Senator Kevin Cramer, Republican of North Dakota, warned darkly, “Marx is at the doorstep.”

ND Senators Join Effort to Open Eligibility for State Veterans’ Cemeteries
AM 1100 The Flag
John Hoeven and Kevin Cramer are among those calling on the Department of Veterans Affairs to allow members of the reserve and National Guard eligible to be buried in the cemeteries. The Burial Equity for Guards and Reserves Act would open eligibility to all members of the Reserve Component as long as they were discharged honorably.  

Using Farm Bill to fight rising food costs
“COVID has been terrible in a lot of ways, but one of things that I think it has done is it’s opened all of people’s eyes to supply chain issues in general. Our pork prices are up, our chicken prices are up, our beef prices are up, and the producers aren’t getting that increase in cost, that’s a problem on both ends,” said Rep. Kelly Armstrong, R-N.D.

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