she’s baaaaack!

After Heidi Heitkamp blew off votes on President Trump’s judicial nominees to come save her failing campaign, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced the Senate will adjourn through the November elections. 

Now that she can’t hide from her constituents in her $1 million DC home, Heitkamp needs to answer the many questions surrounding her opposition to Justice Kavanaugh. 
REMINDER— Heitkamp announced her cowardly decision to cave to Chuck Schumer last week. That same day Heitkamp said “anyone who made this decision prior to the completion of the FBI report … did so prematurely. She also said while she does believe Dr. Ford, “that doesn’t mean I don’t believe him [Kavanaugh].”
Since then, her story has dramatically changed. Heitkamp now admits her opposition had nothing to do with viewing the FBI report, but rather his “body language.” She’s also aired a campaign ad saying she does not believe him.
Heitkamp’s timeline for opposing Kavanaugh is inconsistent and her rationale is riddled with holes. North Dakotans deserve to have their questions answered, such as:
  • Did Heitkamp choose to oppose him following the FBI report or from watching him on TV with no sound?
  • Why did Heitkamp likely make a campaign ad before she viewed the FBI report?
  • Does Heitkamp agree with her colleagues that Brett Kavanaugh should be impeached?
  • Does Heitkamp condone the obstructionist tactics her colleagues used to derail this nomination?
Now that she’s back in North Dakota, Heitkamp will try to follow her brother Joel Heitkamp’s suggestion to “move on,” but North Dakotans deserve answers for Heitkamp opposing their interests. 

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