STATEMENTS: North Dakota Veterans and Sen. Ben Sasse (NE) Criticize Chuck Hagel, Offer Strong Support for Cramer

As Heidi Heitkamp continues campaigning with a former Obama official who let our military down, North Dakota veterans were praising Kevin Cramer for his work on veterans issues while highlighting their support for him. 
U.S. Senator Ben Sasse, who currently occupies the same Senate seat held by Hagel, also criticized Heitkamp and Hagel for their shared support of the Iran Nuclear Deal. 
U.S. Senator Ben Sasse, Nebraska:
“Kevin Cramer won’t be a ‘lead from behind’ kind of senator who supports foreign policy disasters like the Iran Deal. The world is a dangerous place and Americans have to defend ourselves from traditional threats of terrorism and nuclear proliferation and on new battlefields in cyberspace. North Dakota’s choice is clear: strong leadership or more Obama-era foreign policy weakness.” 
Medal of Honor Recipient Clint Romesha:
“One of the reasons Congressman Cramer has been just phenomenal is him advocating for veterans, veterans rights, and all the help along the way he’s provided for me, for some of the things I hold near and dear to my heart. … Cramer has always struck me as, unlike a lot of politicians that tell you a lot of things but don’t do a lot of things, he backs up what he says with actions that he does.” Click here to listen.

Ret. General Mike Haugen: 

“Both Kevin and Heidi claim they support our military, but Kevin has proved it a lot with trips that he’s taken, with votes that he’s made and votes that he’s cast for increased military spending, increased salary for military members. Heidi will say, that but here’s my issue: she always votes with the Democrats, and votes like New York, and does not always side with the broad military perspective, but with more social programs vs the military.” Click here to listen.
Ret. National Guard Specialist Dick Walstad: 
“Absolutely Kevin Cramer [gets my vote]. … I’m just delighted to see the turnaround in defense spending and increase in the budget and taking care of all these marvelous young people that are serving in the military, and providing them with a living and a career that can support a family.” Click here to listen.

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