SUPREME CONUNDRUM: Kavanaugh Questions Heitkamp Hasn’t Answered

Heidi Heitkamp opposed Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation, even though 60% of her constituents supported him. Now, she’s having a hard time explaining why.
Heitkamp’s rollout for her position has been riddled with inconsistencies, and there are questions that Heitkamp needs to answer:
  • Heitkamp said “we need to take politics out” of this process, so why did she release a political ad touting her position?
  • Heitkamp announced her decision last Thursday and released her new ad Saturday, though she had been in Washington DC the entire time. Did she film the ad out of state, or did she film it before she told North Dakotans her position?
  • Heitkamp says in this ad she doesn’t think he’s telling the truth, but she told local reporters “that doesn’t mean I don’t believe him.” Why is she telling media one thing, and voters another?
  • Heitkamp said in her ad this is about judgment and temperament. If so, does she agree with her colleagues that Brett Kavanaugh should be impeached?
Even though her brother and campaign surrogate Joel Heitkamp said their hope is that people “move on” from this issue, Heitkamp said this weekend she wants “to have the chance to explain why” she betrayed North Dakotans and voted no. If that’s the case, Heitkamp should be able to answer for the inconsistencies and holes in her rationale. 

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