Trump was right

President Trump came to Fargo, ND in June for Kevin Cramer and made this proclamation about Heidi Heitkamp:

“Heidi will vote ‘no’ to any pick we make to the Supreme Court.”

The President was right. Heidi Heitkamp just sided with liberals Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi to obstruct President Trump and oppose the exceptionally qualified Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

LET’S BE CLEAR—  Heidi Heitkamp just failed North Dakota, and voters know it. This race is now between a candidate who will be a voice for North Dakota and another candidate who politicizes every issue and staunchly opposes President Trump at every turn.

Given that a majority of her constituents want this exemplary nominee confirmed, Heidi Heitkamp is on the wrong side of history, and this will be the last consequential vote of her career.


Put North Dakota First