0 for 11: more politics at its worst

Heidi Heitkamp is out with her eleventh ad of the cycle today, once again playing politics with North Dakota’s agricultural community. 
While feigning interest in helping rural North Dakotans, Senator Heitkamp has spent the past year using farmers and ranchers as political props to attack President Trump and Kevin Cramer. 
Throughout the campaign Heidi Heitkamp has actively undermined the President’s efforts against China, flip-flopped on the trade assistance package, and called a win for North Dakota agriculture “politics at its worst” because the news hurt her reelection campaign. As Kevin Cramer said, the best way to handle a trade war “is [to] win it,” but the only winning Heitkamp cares about is own her reelection campaign. 
Despite the Heitkamp campaign’s desperate barrage of attack ads in hopes that voters will forget about her out-of-touch record, Kevin Cramer’s lead “has remained steady for months.” 
“Senator Heitkamp playing politics with our farmers and ranchers is hurting North Dakotans,” said North Dakota Republican Party Communications Director Jake Wilkins. “Her new ad is entitled ‘Blame,’ but when voters reject Heitkamp’s blatant politicization of the agriculture community this November, the only person she’ll have to blame is herself.” 

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