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  • let’s get Heidi some glasses🤓

    let’s get Heidi some glasses🤓

    Last weekend, Heidi Heitkamp tweeted this video of a “huge pile of unsold soybeans in Casselton” and said this “is what the trade war looks like.” Except it’s not. According […]

  • Farmers: Heidi’s Political Pawns – NDSen Debate

    Heidi Heitkamp has spent the entire election cycle trying to use North Dakota’s farmers, ranchers, and producers as political pawns. REMINDER: Heitkamp makes these attacks because a pillar of Heitkamp’s campaign […]

  • Heidi Heitkamp’s Trade Troubles – NDSen Debate

    Heidi Heitkamp claims she’s fighting for farmers, but her actions prolong these trade disputes and hurt the agriculture community in the process. Despite Heitkamp’s fearmongering, great progress has been made […]

  • Good trade news for ND = Bad campaign news for Heidi

    President Trump today announced a new trade deal has been reached to replace the North American Free Trade Agreement. This trade deal is a win for our economy, as “the U.S. made […]

  • Weekend Must Reads: Heidi Heitkamp’s Trade Stance is Hurting North Dakota

    During commercials of the Sunday shows and football games, be sure to check out this local profile of a North Dakota farmer and Congressman Kevin Cramer’s new op-ed on trade. Steve Kirch […]

  • New Ad: Politics At Its Worst

    The North Dakota Republican Party released a new digital ad today calling out Heidi Heitkamp for playing politics with North Dakota’s farmers and ranchers. As Congress continues its work to […]

  • 0 for 11: more politics at its worst

    Heidi Heitkamp is out with her eleventh ad of the cycle today, once again playing politics with North Dakota’s agricultural community.    While feigning interest in helping rural North Dakotans, […]

  • the empty seat

    the empty seat

    On a day most Americans traditionally set aside for remembrance and patriotism, Heidi Heitkamp decided to spend her time yesterday attacking her political opponent by using a cheap, political gimmick:    As was previously reported, […]

  • from critic to cosponsor

    from critic to cosponsor

    Hey everyone— Heidi Heitkamp just introduced legislation to redistribute revenue gained from President Trump’s tariffs and give it to farmers and ranchers. If you’re looking for a vocal critic of […]