Farmers: Heidi’s Political Pawns – NDSen Debate

Heidi Heitkamp has spent the entire election cycle trying to use North Dakota’s farmers, ranchers, and producers as political pawns.

REMINDER: Heitkamp makes these attacks because a pillar of Heitkamp’s campaign strategy is fanning the flames of farmer’s fears.

Throughout the entire Farm Bill process, Heitkamp has put politics above North Dakota’s farmers.

  • Her attacks increased when Kevin Cramer was appointed to the Farm Bill Conference Committee, a major win for North Dakota, but Heitkamp didn’t see it that way, labeling his appointment “politics at its worst.”

  • In stark contrast, Rep. Cramer congratulated Sens. Heitkamp and Hoeven when they were also appointed.

Heitkamp has changed her stance on agriculture-related issues just to score political points:

  • Heitkamp voted in 2014 to eliminate agriculture subsidies.

    • Heitkamp this year attacked Cramer for being part of a group where some members supported eliminating some subsidies.

  • When the House adjourned this year without finishing the Farm Bill, Heidi Heitkamp attacked Kevin Cramer for not demanding the House go back into session.

    • When the Senate adjourned without finishing the Farm Bill, Heitkamp said nothing.

  • Heitkamp supported the 2014 Farm Bill that trimmed food stamps, but this year Heitkamp attacked the Trump-Cramer Farm Bill for including food stamp reforms.



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