April/May 2021 Newsletter

Note from the Chairman

While we have always been lucky to live in North Dakota, we can be especially grateful for our state’s political fortunes right now. With huge swaths of our country facing an unprecedented mess of problems, North Dakota stands out as a leader in building a Republican-dominated government based on steadfast conservative principles and commitment to our citizens. This did not happen by accident; we are in the position that we’re in because of the dedication and participation of Republicans. Serving as your Party Chairman has been an incredible privilege over the years and, it has been inspiring and humbling to watch everyone step up and help us win battle after battle for the people of North Dakota, Together, we have achieved tremendous victories, such as the defeat of several nationally-funded liberal measures, Kevin Cramer’s U.S. Senate win over a liberal incumbent in 2018, and a Republican sweep of all the statewide offices. With the shadow of the pandemic lifting from our state, I have the utmost confidence in our current leadership to help North Dakota remain a leader in energy, business, and agriculture for a long time to come.

Unfortunately, the people controlling our government at the national level don’t exactly inspire the same confidence. Since his inauguration, Joe Biden and the Democrats propping him up (both figuratively and literally) have overseen crisis after crisis, both at home and overseas. We have watched our energy sector crippled by far-left activism, our economic recovery bungled, and our national security weakened. We’re feeling it even at the local level, with less buying power and higher prices on homes, fuel, groceries, and more. And we’re only a few months in with this administration!

North Dakota, with our culture, government, and economy, tends to get shielded from the effects of bad policy from the top. But right now, the biggest mistake that we can make is to put on blinders and live in the North Dakota bubble; we are on an island, and the water is rising. Just last week, countless Americans from New York to Georgia pulled into their gas stations to find lines around the block and empty pumps. This disaster was met with an outrageous lack of support and leadership from the President. Is it that hard to picture something similar falling upon North Dakota? And if it did, do you really trust our president to come running to help?

The reality is that, as long as the Democrats control both houses of Congress, there’s very little holding Biden’s administration in check. That’s why, as Republicans and conservatives of all stripes, we need to be laser-focused on winning back the house next year (and hopefully the Senate as well). This is within our reach because Americans are finally waking up to Joe Biden’s radical policies. This isn’t an opportunity; it’s a duty and a necessity. There is too much at stake to spend precious time on infighting. It’s up to us to stay vigilant and involved to ensure Joe Biden and Democrats in Washington do not remake America in a far-left, socialist image. I thank you for your generous time and support of our Party, and I know you will help us do everything we can to save this country.

Best regards,



Legislative Session Highlights

Governor Burgum’s Office
North Dakota is funding infrastructure, education and other priorities, putting the Legacy Fund to work for current and future generations, and maintaining healthy reserves without raising taxes, Gov. Doug Burgum said after the 67th Legislative Assembly adjourned its regular session sine die. To read more, click here.

House of Representatives
HB 1380 – A legislative management legacy fund earnings committee; to provide for a transfer; to create a legislative management legacy fund earnings committee; to provide a statement of legislative intent; and to provide an effective date.

HB 1431 – The parts of the state included in the southwest water authority and the membership of the board of directors of the southwest water authority; and to provide an effective date.

HB 1452 – Low-emission technology, the energy policy commission, and an exemption from procurement services for energy programs; to provide a continuing appropriation; to provide an appropriation; to provide a transfer; and to provide a report.

Senate highlights can be found, here.

District Chair Spotlight
District 26, Todd Rikke


I was born in Alexandria, MN on June 11, 1963. Growing up, my family moved around a lot. I grew up in Minnesota, Texas, Missouri, Nebraska, Tennessee, and finally Arizona, where I graduated in Winslow, AZ in 1981. After high school, I joined the US Arm. I served in the Signal Corp, where I was a Multichannel Communications Equipment Operator.

I spent eight years on active duty. During that time, my primary duty stations were at Fort Bragg, NC, Frankfurt, Germany, Fort Stewart, GA, and Heilbronn, Germany. While in Germany, I had the opportunity to attend courses provided by the University of Maryland-Heidelberg’s Extension Program, geared towards a degree in Political Science.

Following my military service, I spent time in Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Colorado, and California, before finally settling down in Lidgerwood, ND in 2006.

Work Experience

After I was discharged in 1989, I worked briefly at a Nuclear Power plant in Pennsylvania. After I realized that the Nuclear Energy field just didn’t appeal to me, I embarked on a career as an over-the-road truck driver. Over the years, I have driven over 3.5 million miles, encompassing the 48 states in the continental United States and most of Canada. In 2001, I bought my first truck and have been operating as an independent contractor ever since. I currently have two trucks leased with Jacobson Transport in Wahpeton.


I have been married to my wife, Cara since 2003. Between us we have three adult children. Two sons, Jayson and Sean, and a daughter, Anna-Maria.


I enjoy working around the farmstead during my rare time off. In addition to my efforts with the NDGOP, I devote much of my time to the American Legion and their programs to support our veterans and our local communities. I currently serve as the Post Commander and Adjutant for my home Post in Lidgerwood. I have just completed my third term as the District Commander for the 10th District in North Dakota, which covers the southeastern part of the state. I am currently getting ready to begin my second term as the Department of North Dakota Membership Chairman.

I am also a Shriner, and a member of the El Zagal Temple in Fargo.

Why I have chosen to serve as a District Chair

I want to do whatever I can to get the GOP message out to as many people in my District as possible. As a District Chairman, I have had the pleasure and opportunity to meet many new friends throughout District 26 and around North Dakota. Within my District, I have seen the strides that we have achieved in just a short time, due to the volunteer efforts of our members. I take great pride in seeing how engaged our fellow supporters have become as we’ve grown significantly in a District that, not so long ago, was dominated by the Democrat Party. I can’t wait to see how much further we can go, and I look forward to being a part of it.

Thank you to all 47 Districts for holding your Reorganization Meetings prior to the May 15th deadline. The first reorg took place February 9th with the final taking place May 11th. 

Special Events

Two events were held this spring to honor Republican Legislative Leadership. The first event featured guests from Senate Committee Leadership. The second event featured guests from House Committee Leadership. Special thanks to all of those who attended and supported these events.

The NDGOP would like to extend a congratulations to newly elected North Dakota College Republican Chair and Vice-Chair, Skyler Strand and Caden Wurzbacher as well as North Dakota Young Republicans Chair and Vice-Chair, Daryle Mindeman and Trustyn Karges.

Upcoming Events

Memorial Day
NDGOP Headquarters will be CLOSED Monday, May 31.

Summer Roundup
Medora, ND – June 18 – 19th,  details to come.

For more events visit, https://ndgop.org/events/list/.

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