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  • stand up, Biden, let ’em see ya

    A gaffe prone politician who’s made grave errors in judgement will be campaigning for a heated North Dakota Senate race this November, and it won’t just be Heidi Heitkamp. Heitkamp […]

  • New Ad: Not In Tune With North Dakota

    The North Dakota Republican Party released a new ad today highlighting Heidi Heitkamp’s out-of-tune voting record.   “Heidi Heitkamp’s liberal record just doesn’t sound right to North Dakotans,” said North […]

  • heidi’s hail mary

    There’s a pro-abortion, pro-Obamacare, anti-gun, red-state Democrat who lost touch with her state campaigning in North Dakota today, and it’s not just Heidi Heitkamp. Mary Landrieu is on the trail with Heitkamp […]

  • suspended disbelief

    Facing fierce backlash for outing victims of sexual assault without their consent, Heidi Heitkamp was asked by Anchor Chris Berg why she did not suspend her campaign to figure out […]

  • WEEKEND MUST READS: Forum Blasts Heitkamp in Cramer Endorsement

    North Dakota’s largest paper endorsed Kevin Cramer today, citing his accessibility and political views that align with North Dakota. In their endorsement, the Forum Editorial blasted Heitkamp for her opposition […]

  • someone grab a microscope…

    As Heidi Heitkamp deals with fierce backlash for outing victims of sexual assault without their consent in a political attack ad, she has promised her victims a personal apology and a retraction. Is that […]

  • NDGOP Statement On Cramer’s Debate Victory

    North Dakota Republican Party Communications Director Jake Wilkins issued the following statement on Kevin Cramer’s victory in tonight’s debate:   “Heidi Heitkamp’s out-of-touch, liberal record was on full display tonight, […]

  • NDSen Debate Day – Heitkamp’s Moment of Reckoning

    After 6 years of dodging local media and “running scared” from reporters, Heidi Heitkamp will now have to answer for six years of opposing the will of North Dakota voters […]

  • Heitkamp Shores Up Residency in Alternate Reality, Continues Attacking Cramer

    “Nothing to see here, folks.”   That’s the message from Heidi Heitkamp and her campaign amid fierce backlash for outing sexual assault victims without their consent in a political attack ad.  […]