February/March 2021 Newsletter

Note from the Chairman

Elections have consequences! Biden claimed his mission was to bring the country together, but he has clearly done the opposite. He immediately canceled the Keystone XL Pipeline, banned oil leases on federal land, and rejoined the disastrous Paris accord. His actions deliver exactly what we warned the voters about during the campaign. For the first time in our lives, the US is energy-independent. Not only has this boosted employment, but it has also strengthened America’s national security with our economy and self-defense is not being dependent on a foreign government supplying us with energy.

Biden’s energy moves are being cheered on by his radical environmentalists, Russia, China, and Tehran. Those who will pay the price are the hard-working families across the US. The Swamp is back….

The Republican National Committee is fully engaged in the battle to win back the House and Senate, along with all Republicans who will be on the ballot in 2022. Four key initiatives are being undertaken:

  • Building
  • The national voter file
  • Forming the Redistricting Trust
  • Establishing the Election Integrity Committee

Voter files have been a primary focus for ND. We have 140,000 republicans identified, and we are updating our records with the results of the 2020 election.

The Redistricting Trust is critical for congressional redistricting throughout the country. This will determine which party has the edge in the 2022 US House campaigns. The last election was a huge success for the US House Republicans. They flipped 15 Democrat seats to Republican while defending 30 Republican seats in Democratic-leaning districts. On average, first-term Presidents lose 27 congressional seats in the first midterm election (which, for Joe Biden, will be 2022). There are 47 Democratic seats in play for the next election. Pelosi has a slim 5 vote majority, so if redistricting is done fairly, we have a tremendous opportunity to win back the House.

The Election Integrity Committee is focused on restoring the transparency and confidence we used to have in our election results. It is vitally important that we correct the expansion of unrestricted mail-in voting in Arizona, Georgia, and Pennsylvania, in particular.

Finally, I want to extend my sincere congratulations to Dori Hauck for being selected to fill the vacancy in District 36. We know she will bring outstanding Republican leadership to her constituents.


Best regards,


Legislative Update

February 5, 2021 legislative update, click here.

February 19, 2021 legislative update, click here.

March 12, 2021 legislative update, click here.

Best Wishes to Cole Garman

NDGOP State Field Director, Cole Garman accepted and began a new role as political director for Senator Hoeven earlier this month.

Cole joined the state party in February of 2020 and I want to thank him for his exceptional efforts and teamwork over the past year. Thanks to Cole’s efforts more than 140,000 Republicans were identified. It has been a pleasure working with Cole during a challenging yet successful year.

Thank you and continued success Cole!

District Chair Spotlight

District 20, Susan Stibbe


After graduating from NDSU, I was a high school English teacher for eleven years. After that I chose to become a stay-at-home mom. I served for many years on the Northern Cass School Board, the North Dakota State Board of Public Instruction, and the North Dakota Board for Career and Technical Education.


My husband, Bill Stibbe, passed away unexpectedly after forty years of marriage. I continue to live on our farm near Hunter, ND. Our daughter, Emily, and her husband, Jake Dahl live in Horace, ND with our precious young grandson William Ace.


I am involved in several volunteer organizations. I enjoy traveling ( when we are not in a pandemic) and spending time at Pelican Lake, MN. I am, also, an avid reader and an aspiring foodie.

Why I have chosen to serve as a District Chair

As a lifelong Republican, I am happy to serve the party that supports compassionate conservatism. I agree with Orrin Hatch that our party is dedicated to creating an environment that inspires communities and individuals to take advantage of opportunities. I work with a wonderful group of people who are working hard to affect positive change in District 20.

Reminder: This year, every District must hold their reorganization meeting by May 15, 2021:

  • Refer to your district bylaws for questions.
  • Please send Corby Kemmer corby@ndgop.org the date/time/place of your scheduled re-org meetings.

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