I like you but I don’t like like you

Caught between an extremely liberal base that’s hell bent on opposing Kavanaugh, and the overwhelming majority North Dakota voters who want him confirmed, Heidi Heitkamp is continuing to follow Chuck Schumer’s orders by once again refusing to announce her position on the Supreme Court nominee.

True to form, Heitkamp is trying to have it both ways, first telling reporters she’s seen nothing “so far” that should disqualify Kavanaugh from serving on the bench, then having her aides walk those comments back. North Dakotans want a Senator who takes a stand, not one who avoids supporting what her constituents want.

MEANWHILE– Heitkamp has still refused to condemn her colleagues’ obstructionist attempts to derail these hearings. Democrats yesterday launched their coordinated effort to disrupt and protest the hearings, and they continued this strategy today.

Despite what Heidi Heitkamp wants North Dakota voters to believe, this shameful approach- led by Chuck Schumer- is emblematic of what a Senate chamber run by Heidi Heitkamp’s party would look like. The people of North Dakota deserve to know why Heidi Heitkamp is apparently okay with such extremist tactics.


Put North Dakota First