ICYMI: President Trump Just Fixed Low Energy Heidi Heitkamp’s Mistake

President Trump’s administration just took action to fix an Obama-Heitkamp job-killing regulation that hurt North Dakota.

The Department of the Interior today announced a final rule that revises the 2016 Waste Prevention Rule. This Obama-era regulation put North Dakota jobs at risk and hurt the state’s industry, but Heidi Heitkamp supported it anyway.

In 2017, the House passed a resolution led by Rep. Kevin Cramer disapproving of this rule, but Senator Heitkamp stood with President Obama and Washington liberals to vote against the resolution, which failed by one vote thanks to Heitkamp.

Heitkamp’s vote was considered a win for President Obama and New York Times liberals who praised her decision, but it was a loss for North Dakota, a state that ranks as the second highest oil and gas producing state in the country.

“Heidi Heitkamp put liberal special interests ahead of North Dakota’s workers and industries,” said North Dakota Republican Party Communications Director Jake Wilkins. “Heitkamp was sent to Washington to be a voice for her state, but she has failed. Kevin Cramer has been fighting since day one to fix this rule and support North Dakota’s energy industry. North Dakotans deserve a Senator who will continue to fight for them.” 


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