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Kevin Cramer today unveiled a new ad highlighting his support for an all-the-above energy strategy. Cramer’s record on energy policy is a win for North Dakota and American energy, but Jimmy Carter’s EPA attorney Heidi Heitkamp can’t say the same, and her voting record explains why. 
During the Obama administration, Heitkamp supported a harmful BLM environmental regulation limiting methane release on oil and gas operators. She voted twice for higher taxes on the oil industry, and voted against expressing the sense of the Senate that the greenhouse gas agreement with China is “economically unfair and environmentally irresponsible.” 
She also supported Obama’s dangerous Iran Nuclear Deal, which opened world markets to Iranian oil, hurting North Dakota energy producers and leading to more financing for terrorist groups:
And just last year, Heitkamp voted against President Trump’s tax cuts that opened up ANWR for drilling. North Dakotans are ready to elect a Senator whose energy policy will help them, instead of a Senator only focused on helping herself.
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