NDGOP Hits the Road!

Fellow Republicans,

It was great seeing so many friends – both old and new – across North Dakota Wednesday (4th of August). If I didn’t see you, my travels will likely bring me to your neck of the woods soon!

When I had the honor of being elected Chairman, I committed to each and every one of you to start a conversation among all Republicans, from the grassroots to District Chairs and leaders across the state. I firmly believe that my most important job as a leader is to listen. That starts with showing up!

First, Corby Kemmer, our NDGOP Executive Director, and I traveled to Grand Forks for “Coffee with the Chairman.” We gathered at the Speedway Grill, generously hosted by Region II Chair Bruce Gjovig, and I spoke to a crowd that included District Chairs and legislators, as well as Grand Forks Mayor Brandon Bochenski. We had a lively discussion about the NDGOP’s future plans, and it was great to hear their input.

Next, we travelled to Fargo for a second “Coffee with the Chairman” with Region III Chair Jacob Strinden. Several of the southeast region district chairs also joined the conversation.  I very much appreciate Bruce Gjovig and Jacob Strinden taking the time to organize these events for our team to connect with local Republicans.

Finally, we attended the United Republicans of Cass County’s annual picnic. It was terrific to hear from Congressman Kelly Armstrong, who detailed all of his hard work for North Dakota in Washington, D.C.

Based on the success of these events, we are in the process of organizing Region IV “Coffee with the Chairman” for late August and a similar event for Region I. I am eager to hear from our Republicans doing the hard work on the ground, and it is my hope to host these regional coffees twice a year so I can stay best informed on all of your efforts.

Let’s keep the dialogue going!

Perrie Schafer


Put North Dakota First