NDGOP Scores Important Legal Victory Against Travisia Martin

BISMARCK – Today, a North Dakota District Court issued factual findings to the North Dakota Supreme Court consistent with the North Dakota Republican Party (“NDGOP”)’s contention that Travisia Martin has not been a North Dakota Resident for long enough to be eligible to run for statewide office.

In the ruling dated August 14, 2020, District Court Judge Thomas Schneider states unequivocally: “Because there has not been a showing that during the necessary timeframe Martin had a union of both act and intent to change her residence from Las Vegas, Nevada, and establish it in North Dakota, the Court finds Martin was not a North Dakota resident until sometime after November 2016…Martin will not have been a North Dakota resident for the five years preceding the 2020 general election.” Rick Berg, vs Alvin Jaeger, et al ND Supreme Court Case No. 20200184 Order

NDGOP Chairman Rick Berg made the following statement in response: “Today is a great day for the rule of law in North Dakota. Despite the Democrats’ attempt to circumvent the North Dakota Constitution, the NDGOP has been fighting aggressively to ensure the integrity of the November elections. We look forward to the next important step of removing Ms. Martin from the ballot and voting for continued proven conservative leadership this November.”

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