NDGOP Stands with the Unborn – Press Release

NDGOP Stands with the Unborn
Slams SCOTUS Leak as Leftist Attempt to Delegitimize Court

BISMARCK – Today, Perrie Schafer, Chairman of the North Dakota Republican Party (“NDGOP”), offered the following statement in response to a confirmed leak of a draft Supreme Court opinion overturning Roe v. Wade:

“The NDGOP has – and will always – stand for a culture of life and fight to protect the dignity of every human life, including the unborn. While we are optimistic that a forthcoming opinion may overturn fifty years of bad law that has robbed states of the ability to decide this issue, and, more importantly, the lives of millions of innocent children, we are disgusted by this horrifying breach of our judicial process. The radical left has for years attempted to undermine the credibility of the Supreme Court through out-of-control confirmation hearings and even personal threats made against individual justices. As deliberations continue, we pray for the courage and resiliency of the justices against the left’s dangerous bullying.”

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