not speaking my language…

Many seem enamored that Heidi Heitkamp admitted her opposition to Justice Kavanaugh had nothing to do with anything he said or did, but rather his “body language” when she watched the hearing with no sound.

LET’S BE CLEAR— Her decision had nothing to do with a muted television. The only thing Heitkamp keeps on mute is her constituents as she’s voted against their interests for the last six years. 
TIMELINE— Heidi Heitkamp made the cowardly decision to cave to Chuck Schumer.
– Then she filmed an ad about it.
– Then she reviewed the FBI report that she claimed was necessary.
– Then she told North Dakota her decision.
– Then she said anyone who had made their decision before they viewed the FBI report- like Heitkamp herself- had done so “prematurely.”
UNANSWERED QUESTIONS— Heitkamp’s explanation for her opposition has been riddled with inconsistencies from the start. North Dakotans deserve answers to the questions she’s so-far refused to answer, such as:
Even though her brother/de-facto spokesman said the campaign hopes voters will “move on” from this issue, Heitkamp says she wants a chance to explain her anti-life, anti-gun, anti-North Dakota vote. If that’s true, she should be able to answer these questions. 

Put North Dakota First