Now THIS is “politics at its worst”

You’d think Heidi Heitkamp’s team would learn by now to be more careful with digital ads, but apparently they haven’t.

Yesterday, North Dakota Democrats released a digital ad falsely claiming Kevin Cramer is ignoring the concerns of North Dakota farmers. This falsehood came just one day after Cramer was appointed to the Farm Bill Conference Committee, a move Cramer welcomed so he could be a strong voice for North Dakota’s farmers, ranchers, and producers.
When Heitkamp’s team heard about this victory for North Dakota, they blasted this great opportunity as “politics at its worst” only because it might hurt her chances at re-election.

Heitkamp is clearly so desperate to distract from her out-of-touch, liberal voting record that she’s trying to turn good news for her state into another partisan, political fight. Unfortunately for her, she has no good reason to oppose Cramer’s involvement with the Farm Bill, though that’s not stopping her team from trying.

“Heidi Heitkamp’s shameless efforts to distract and divide are not going to resonate in North Dakota,” said North Dakota Republican Party spokesman Jake Wilkins. “Heitkamp should quit trying to score cheap political points and follow Kevin Cramer’s lead by focusing on increasing job growth, cracking down on illegal immigration and serving North Dakota’s agricultural community.”

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