So many military missteps

Today Cramer for Senate launched a new ad touting his continued support for veterans and members of the military community.

His record stands in stark contrast with Heidi Heitkamp’s long list of bad votes, harmful positions, and grave errors in judgment on foreign policy.
REMINDER– Heidi Heitkamp:

  • Voted repeatedly to support and defend Obama’s Iran nuclear deal.
  • Opposed forcing Iran to recognize Israel and release American hostages.
  • Wanted Obama’s ‘Russian Reset’ but called Russia an ‘Existential Threat’ under President Trump.
  • Rejected the use of military force to take down Assad in Syria.
  • Flip-flopped on withdrawing troops from Afghanistan.
  • Stood against military officials who called for increased missile defense funding.
  • Supported Freedom Act provisions that weakened intelligence community tools.
  • Resisted moves to arm those fighting ISIS.
  • Voted against the Ambassador to Israel’s nomination.
  • Aligned with J Street, a liberal advocacy group used to oppose Israeli leaders.
  • Called ‘hyper-partisanship’ our greatest internal vulnerability while continuing partisan attacks on her opponents.

“Heidi Heitkamp’s out-of-touch national security stances have left North Dakota veterans and military service members worse off,” said North Dakota Republican Party spokesman Jake Wilkins. “North Dakota’s veterans and active duty service-members deserve a strong leader like Kevin Cramer who will fight for them in the Senate.”


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