STATEMENTS: State Legislators Support Al Jaeger

The Democratic-NPL sent yet another mailer trying to deceive Republican voters in November, attempting to make voters think Al Jaeger isn’t supported by the Republican Party.
LET’S BE CLEAR: This is merely a coordinated effort by Democrats who are trying to steal this election. Al Jaeger has the full support of North Dakota Republicans, including the ones referenced in this mailer. If the Democrats were capable of recruiting decent candidates, they wouldn’t have to resort to such low ball tactics.
Below are statements from the 4 legislators referenced in this deceitful mailer:
Senator Janne Myrdal:
“I am disgusted by Democrats repeated attempts to mislead voters in the Secretary of States race. Make no mistake: like my fellow Republicans, I fully support Al Jaeger. For ND Dem-NPL to insinuate otherwise in a mailer is deceitful and displays the utter lack of integrity we have come to expect from the Democrat Party. If Democrats, like the rest of us, feel Josh Boschee can’t stand on his own record—then they should endorse stronger candidates rather than lie to North Dakotans”
Rep. Roscoe Streyle:
“Let’s be clear: I support Al Jaeger. There is no chance I would ever support Josh Boschee or Michael Coachman. North Dakota Democrats know that Josh has zero credibility so they have chosen to make lame attempts to trick voters. These mailers are an insult to the intelligence of North Dakota voters and I hope others will join me in voting for Al Jaeger on Tuesday.”
Rep. Dan Ruby:
“ND Democrats have stooped so low this election and now this. Democrats are using my name in a quote that I didn’t make. They are wrong as usual because Al Jaeger is the best choice in this race and Josh has shown how deceptive he is willing to be to in a race in ways other than asking people to support him.”
Rep. Nathan Toman:
“I am once again disappointed that Democrats feel they have to mislead voters rather than simply promoting their own candidate. This mailer is just the latest in a string of deceptive tactics from North Dakota Democrats designed to confuse voters. I urge Democrats to discontinue these unethical attacks and I look forward to voting for Al Jaeger on Tuesday!”

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