That’s Kevin

President Trump visited North Dakota today to support Kevin Cramer and in his speech he did just that.

North Dakotans voted overwhelmingly for the Trump agenda in 2016, and as the President pointed out, there’s only one candidate for Senate who will advance that agenda and “that’s Kevin Cramer.”

  • Border security? “That’s Kevin.”
  • Bigger paychecks? “That’s Kevin.”
  • Reduced crime? “That’s Kevin.”
  • Better health care? “That’s Kevin.”
  • Conservative judges? “That’s Kevin.”
  • Protect the unborn? “That’s Kevin.”
  • Support the Second Amendment? “That’s Kevin.”

In his visit today, President Trump reminded North Dakotans that Heidi Heitkamp stands in firm opposition to the agenda they want and the principles they stand for. With Kevin Cramer, North Dakota voters are ready to elect a Senator that stands for them.



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