Month: November 2018

  • turned down for what?

    Facebook just forced the Heidi Heitkamp-funded Democrat-NPL ads to be taken down because they were clearly nothing more than a thinly-veiled voter suppression effort: As Rob Port who first wrote this story says, Heitkamp […]

  • when “bring it home!” becomes “make it stop!”

    Coverage of the Heidi Heitkamp-funded voter suppression efforts by North Dakota Democrats continued to overshadow her own de-facto farewell tour yesterday, as the scandal dominated local and national airwaves: Fox […]

  • AP FACT CHECK: the Dem-NPL is lying

    Heidi Heitkamp is funding voter suppression efforts that have now been proven definitively false. As the Associated Press says: CLAIM: “By voting in North Dakota, you could forfeit your hunting […]

  • let’s get Heidi some glasses🤓

    let’s get Heidi some glasses🤓

    Last weekend, Heidi Heitkamp tweeted this video of a “huge pile of unsold soybeans in Casselton” and said this “is what the trade war looks like.” Except it’s not. According […]

  • can’t escape Kavanaugh

    Continuing her anti-Trump farewell tour, Heidi Heitkamp brought in Cory Booker today, one of the most ardent opponents of Justice Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation. This is the same Cory Booker […]

  • STATEMENTS: State Legislators Support Al Jaeger

    The Democratic-NPL sent yet another mailer trying to deceive Republican voters in November, attempting to make voters think Al Jaeger isn’t supported by the Republican Party. LET’S BE CLEAR: This is […]

  • you don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here

    Moments after news broke that her state party is engaging in voter suppression tactics, Heidi Heitkamp began her farewell tour by tying herself to the Obama administration and attacking President Trump’s […]



    Heidi Heitkamp gave her state party $3 million, and they are using it to depress voter turnout in North Dakota. As Rob Port notes in the story below, the North […]