at least today is Friday!

Hey everyone—
Heidi Heitkamp had another objectively horrible week in her failing Senate campaign, but don’t just take my word for it. Here’s a Monday-Friday rundown from this week that’s left many leading strategists wondering if she can recover…
  • Kevin Cramer unveiled a new ad highlighting Heidi Heitkamp’s repeated support for sanctuary cities, which has left North Dakotans unsafe.

  • Cramer was then awarded the “Defender of Small Business Award” by the Job Creators Network for supporting the largest tax cut in history, a cut that gave a family of four in North Dakota savings of more than $2,700 per year.
  • Cramer finished his day by making himself accessible to his constituents, going door-to-door in Grand Forks.  
  • National Review released an in-depth look at Heitkamp’s record as a liberal Democrat who is out of touch with her constituents. The article highlights her votes against:

    • tax cuts
    • border fencing
    • defunding sanctuary cities
    • a 20-week abortion ban
    • repealing and replacing Obamacare
    • several of President Trump’s judicial nominees
  • Heitkamp supporter Chase Iron Eyes accepted a plea agreement on felony charges for his part in the Dakota Access Pipeline #NoDAPL protests. Senator Heitkamp previously hosted a fundraiser with Iron Eyes in her luxurious DC home, but she won’t be able to do that again any time soon.

*This is where Heitkamp’s bad week gets a lot worse.*
  • Republican leaders gathered to set the record straight on health care while highlighting the disaster Obamacare has been for North Dakota. Under this disastrous law that Heitkamp is running on, premiums have skyrocketed, the same number are uninsured, and the burden of cost has shiftedonto the backs of our farmers and small businesses. 
    • Heidi Heitkamp in response hastily threw together her less-accessible version of a press conference- a teleconference- where she angrily attacked North Dakota’s Insurance Commissioner for pointing out her claims on health care are “irresponsible at best.” (They are).

  • Heitkamp then dismissed sanctuary cities, a deeply important issue for North Dakota voters, as just a “scare tactic.”
  • Reports also emerged, showing the tax cuts Heitkamp opposed are projected to give North Dakotans $34 million in bonus tax relief.
  • Heidi Heitkamp continued to receive more pressure from her liberal base to oppose SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh.
  • To end the day, Heitkamp tried to help her friend Elizabeth Warren gain a victory against President Trump by announcing she will vote against another of the President’s executive nominees. Heitkamp’s history of obstruction will not sit well with voters in November.

  • Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross and Agriculture Deputy Secretary Steve Censky visited Fargo at the request of Rep. Kevin Cramer, who believes in putting politics aside to help rural North Dakotans, in stark contrast to Heidi Heitkamp, whose campaign strategy requires fanning the flames of farmer’s fears and rigidly opposing President Trump’s administration.

    • Sec. Ross: “They’re hoping to put enough political pressure on the president that he’ll back off and they’ll never again have to deal with America trying to get free, fair and reciprocal trade. That’s the only Achilles heel that we have, is any sign of weakness to these other countries.”
    • Dep. Sec. Censky: “It has to be the right resolution” to end this trade dispute. 
    • Rep. Cramer: “There are some people cheerleading for that exact situation, a downturn in the economy would be very good for them politically.” 
    • TrueNorth Steel President Dan Kadrmas: “We are hoping that they get trade deals done with the other countries. Really, any trade deal is better than what we’ve had in the past.” 

  • Remember “scare tactic?” The Editorial Board of the Grand Forks Herald does, and they strongly rebuked Heidi Heitkamp’s approach in a scathing editorial writing, “Illegal immigration is a great problem in the United States, and efforts should be made to slow the tide of people entering the country illegally.”
  • This isn’t the only issue where Heitkamp is on the wrong side of North Dakotans. Heitkamp AGAIN doubled down on her pro-abortion stance, voting against defunding Planned Parenthood.  

  • Following Heitkamp’s out-of-touch vote to continue allowing taxpayers to fund abortions, the NRSC released their latest television ad today, attacking Heidi Heitkamp’s pro-abortion record.
  • Now, Heidi Heitkamp’s false narrative on trade is being further damaged by the hour.

    • The Washington Examiner’s David Drucker released a report saying, “Voters here back the president’s trade policies in principle, if not completely in execution, and are willing to give him some space to negotiate.” 
    • Reuters reported President Trump’s efforts on trade are working: “His hard line has rattled Beijing and spurred rare criticism within the highest levels of China’s ruling Communist Party over its handling of the trade dispute, sources have said. Beijing has denied U.S. allegations it systematically forces the unfair transfer of U.S. technology and has said it adheres to World Trade Organization rules.” 
Hey, at least today is Friday!

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