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  • New Ad: Sanctuary Cities– “Scare Tactics?!”

    Today the North Dakota Republican Party released a new digital ad calling out Heidi Heitkamp for dismissing the issue of dangerous sanctuary cities as a “scare tactic.” Combatting illegal immigration is a […]

  • always


    Hey everyone— Misleading voters seems to yet again be the theme of the week for Heidi Heitkamp, who just erroneously tried to claim she has “always worked for stronger border […]

  • “scare tactic?!” clearly not…

    “scare tactic?!” clearly not…

    “Scare tactic?!” clearly not… 8.23 Hey everyone— Despite Heidi Heitkamp’s record that shows otherwise, combatting illegal immigration is a top issue for North Dakota voters. Look no further than the […]

  • hard to understand

    hard to understand

    Hey everyone— Kevin Cramer’s Senate campaign launched a new ad calling out Heidi Heitkamp for voting to fund sanctuary cities. In the ad, Cramer says, “It’s hard to understand why […]

  • um, what?

    um, what?

    Hey everyone— Heidi Heitkamp told Breitbart News last night she supports border security and, “yes, funding for a wall.” This new position is a direct contradiction to Heitkamp’s own rhetoric […]

  • Heitkamp’s unavoidable immigration reminder

    Heitkamp’s unavoidable immigration reminder

    Hey everyone– DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen’s visit to Grand Forks today serves as a clear reminder to North Dakotans of Heidi Heitkamp’s strong support for sanctuary cities. Sec. Nielsen appeared […]