um, what?

Hey everyone—

Heidi Heitkamp told Breitbart News last night she supports border security and, “yes, funding for a wall.”

This new position is a direct contradiction to Heitkamp’s own rhetoric and record:

  •     Her first year in office, Heitkamp voted against a border fence.
  •     In 2016, she fervently supported Hillary Clinton, who made opposing Trump’s border wall a centerpiece of her campaign.
  •     Just last year, Heitkamp criticized President Trump’s plan to build this wall, saying “I just wish we could get beyond that.”

With a disastrously weak record on immigration, including consistent support for funding sanctuary cities, North Dakotans aren’t buying Heitkamp’s campaign reincarnation as a border security hawk.

“Heidi Heitkamp has spent her time in Washington opposing a border wall and efforts to combat illegal immigration,” said North Dakota Republican Party Communications Director Jake Wilkins. “North Dakotans support combating illegal immigration and they know Heidi Heitkamp does not.”


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