New Ad: Sanctuary Cities– “Scare Tactics?!”

Today the North Dakota Republican Party released a new digital ad calling out Heidi Heitkamp for dismissing the issue of dangerous sanctuary cities as a “scare tactic.”

Combatting illegal immigration is a top priority for North Dakotans, especially cracking down on dangerous sanctuary cities; but on this issue, Heidi Heitkamp has a long record of failing to fight for North Dakota’s values. Heitkamp voted three times against defunding these dangerous sanctuary cities that put our citizens and law enforcement officers at risk. And when confronted with her record of failure, Heitkamp dismissed talk of sanctuary cities as a “scare tactic.”

“By repeatedly supporting sanctuary cities and failing to combat illegal immigration, Heitkamp has let North Dakotans down and failed to represent their interests during her time in the Senate,” said North Dakota Republican Party Communications Director Jake Wilkins. “Senator Heitkamp should talk with the families and victims terrorized by criminal illegal immigrants before attempting to dismiss this issue as a Republican ‘scare tactic.’ North Dakotans deserve a Senator like Kevin Cramer who will fight to protect our citizens and uphold the rule of law.” 

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VO: President Trump wants to stop illegal immigration — but Heidi Heitkamp must not.

President Trump: Heidi voted in favor of the deadly, very very dangerous, horrible, sanctuary cities.

VO: Heidi Heitkamp has had 3 chances to crack down on dangerous sanctuary cities. Each time, Heidi voted against North Dakota.

VO: And when Heidi was confronted with her record of failure, she dismissed the issue as a “scare tactic.” 

VO: It’s time we tell Heidi Heitkamp this just isn’t a scare tactic. It’s our lives.


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