Hiding Heidi Heitkamp “Bolted” From Tough Questions Yesterday

As she’s done for the last six years, Hiding Heidi Heitkamp “bolted” away from answering tough questions yesterday:

This recent incident isn’t the first time Heitkamp has run away from this issue. True to form, this report of her dodging questions in Washington comes on the same day as multiple reports in North Dakota highlighting her inaccessibility and refusal to offer her position on major issues facing the state.
Since being elected, Heitkamp has developed a reputation for avoiding tough questions and refusing to talk to several local journalists. In a state that values access to its leaders, Heidi’s hiding is likely to hurt her already-slim reelection chances this November.
“Accessibility is a top issue for North Dakotans, and it’s an issue where Heidi Heitkamp has failed,” said North Dakota Republican Party Communications Director Jake Wilkins. “Heitkamp should stop hiding from her constituents and start letting North Dakota voters know where she stands on major issues facing the state.

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