High Tax Heidi may have no regrets, but North Dakotans do

President Trump and Kevin Cramer have worked tirelessly to undo eight years of harmful regulations and to help grow our nation’s once-stagnant economy. Kevin Cramer today released an ad committing to continuing these efforts in the Senate.

This positive ad from Cramer contrasts perfectly with Heidi Heitkamp’s negative record on the economy. High Tax Heidi has always supported higher taxes that take more money out of the pockets of North Dakotans. Throughout her long government career, Heitkamp has supported raising taxes on:

The list goes on. With her state’s economy so reliant on local business, agriculture, energy, and trucking, one would assume the North Dakota Senator would want to help these industries grow, but High Tax Heidi supports raising taxes on all of them. And she’s only doubled down. When she was asked this year if she regretted opposing tax cuts for North Dakotans, Heidi Heitkamp said “no.” 

But it’s not just Heitkamp’s perpetual desire to raise taxes on seemingly every North Dakotan that would hurt the economy; her entire campaign platform would as well.

  • Obamacare- Like every other Senate Democrat this cycle, Heidi Heitkamp is running on her opposition to repealing Obamacare; but this disastrous law not only caused skyrocketing premiums, it also includes over $819 billion in new taxes.
  • Energy- The Heitkamp campaign is promoting her support for a harmful BLM rule from the “amazing” President Obama that put North Dakota jobs at risk.
  • Trade- Rather than working alongside the Administration to get our country better deals, Heitkamp actively campaigns on undermining the President’s efforts every step of the way because she “needs her constituents to feel pain.” Her opposition in part encourages other countries to escalate their retaliatory measures, thus prolonging these disputes and potentially hurting vital North Dakota industries.

High Tax Heidi running on an anti-jobs platform is unsurprising, given her aggressive campaigning in 2016 for Hillary Clinton, who promised to put coal companies out of business and thought President Trump’s undeniably successful economic plan would “throw us into a recession.

With a liberal North Dakota Senator whose record is so anti-North Dakota, it’s no wonder several leading election experts all think Heitkamp’s desperate campaign is headed for defeat.

“As leading Democrats call for President Trump’s removal from office, a vote for Heidi Heitkamp is a vote to empower those demanding the President’s impeachment, to abandon the Trump-Cramer pro-jobs policies, and to turn the clock back on the country’s renewed economic success,” said North Dakota Republican Party Communications Director Jake Wilkins. “While Heitkamp may not regret supporting her anti-jobs agenda, voters this November can tell High Tax Heidi they regret ever supporting her.” 


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