NDGOP Applauds North Dakota Supreme Court Decision To Remove Travisia Martin from November Ballot

BISMARCK – Today, North Dakota Republican Party (“NDGOP”) Chairman Rick Berg lauded the North Dakota Supreme Court decision that has removed Travisia Martin from the November ballot after a prior decision from a District Court found that she was not a resident for the required time under State Constitution:

“Today is a great victory for the rule of law in North Dakota, and the NDGOP is proud to have led the way in the legal fight that has resulted in this decision. Between this decision and this week’s earlier news that Measure 3 would also be thrown off the ballot, we are pleased that out-of-state liberals have been stopped on both counts from coming into our state and making a mockery out of our process. We look forward to reelecting Jon Godfread and our other great conservative leaders this November.”

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