NDGOP Seeks Removal of Ineligible State Insurance Commissioner Candidate From November Ballot

BISMARCK – Today, North Dakota Republican Party (“NDGOP”) Chairman Rick Berg announced that the NDGOP would be filing a petition with the North Dakota Supreme Court asking for ineligible State Insurance Commissioner candidate Travisia Martin to be removed from the November ballot:

“Nobody is above the law in North Dakota, and Ms. Martin simply does not meet the requirements laid out for statewide officeholders in the North Dakota State Constitution. She voted in Nevada in 2016, thereby establishing residency. Ms. Martin has not produced any public information to voters refuting that simple fact, and she, therefore, falls short of the five-year residency requirement. The NDGOP has the highest regard for the constitution and rule of law, and, after a thorough fact-finding mission, we decided to take this step today to uphold these values on behalf of all North Dakota voters.”

The Writ of Mandamus asking the North Dakota Supreme Court to compel Al Jaeger, as Secretary of State, to remove Travisia Martin from the ballot because she is ineligible to serve as North Dakota Insurance Commissioner was filed by Attorney Courtney Presthus today.

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