NDSen Final Debate – High Hurdles Facing Heidi

Coming off the worst month of her political career, Heidi Heitkamp comes into this debate in desperate need of an outright win.

At this final debate, Heitkamp needs to not only answer for her grave errors in judgement, but also her anti-North Dakota positions, such as:

  • Why did she say she would oppose late-term abortion, but then vote to support it?

  • Why did she fail to crack down on sanctuary cities and dismiss the issue as a scare tactic?

  • Why has she voted for higher premiums and fewer health care choices?

  • Why does she play politics with the ag community, and continue to prolong trade disputes by undermining the President?

  • Did your campaign violate FEC regulations while trying to bury an apology to the sexual assault victims outed by your campaign?

  • After wrongly outing abuse survivors in an attempt to score political points, then doing the same to a WWII veteran, how can North Dakota trust her judgement?

“Heidi Heitkamp will again use this debate to try to distract voters from her out-of-touch, liberal voting record,” said North Dakota Republican Party Communications Director Jake Wilkins. “Heidi needs to be held accountable for consistently opposing what’s best for North Dakotans while exploiting them for her own political gain.”



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