PRESS RELEASE – NDGOP Chairman Schafer’s Response to “Bidenflation” Bill

BISMARCK – Today, Perrie Schafer, Chairman of the North Dakota Republican Party (“NDGOP”), released the following statement in response to new details emerging about the Manchin-Schumer “Bidenflation” bill:

“Americans were not fooled by the White House’s recent attempts to change the definition of ‘recession,’ and they certainly will not buy the Biden Administration’s desperate attempt to revive their Build Back Broke spending plan. Plainly stated, this is a terrible bill both for our country and for North Dakota,” said Schafer.

He continued, “When Joe Biden ran for President, he promised over and over again that he would not raise taxes on those making under $400,000 a year. By 2031, this scam plan will shift the new tax burden to up to two-thirds of Americans making less than that, completely violating his campaign promise. The bill will also add $80 billion to the IRS, and $288 billion in subsidies for Obamacare. Instead of investing in the clean and safe domestic energy production that we do here in North Dakota, this bill once again favors Green New Deal-style policies that will enact a new natural gas tax that could take away 100,000 jobs and increase the Royalty Rate on federal lands,” 

Schafer concluded, “From the very first day of his administration, Joe Biden cruelly gutted thousands of North Dakota jobs in canceling the Keystone XL Pipeline, and every decision he has made since then has hurt the people of our state. I commend Senators Cramer and Hoeven, along with Congressman Armstrong, for their leadership in opposing this terrible legislation.”

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