PRESS RELEASE – NDGOP Condemns Fargo School Board Pledge of Allegiance Ban

BISMARCK – Today, Perrie Schafer, Chairman of the North Dakota Republican Party (“NDGOP”) released the following statement in response to this week’s vote by the Fargo School Board to exclude the Pledge of Allegiance from School Board meetings: 

“The Fargo School Board vote is an affront to our American values and all who have sacrificed in protecting our freedoms. The claim by the School Board that the Pledge of Allegiance violates their so-called diversity code is nothing short of laughable when you consider that our flag symbolizes a country that is the most diverse and tolerant nation on earth and one that ensures equal opportunity for all. This vote underscores the importance of electing Republicans up and down the ballot this November — and in all local races going forward. We cannot get complacent. We must run good candidates, and they must serve our values to put a stop the radical liberal agenda that is harming our children and the future of our state.”

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