Month: July 2018

  • So many military missteps

    Today Cramer for Senate launched a new ad touting his continued support for veterans and members of the military community. His record stands in stark contrast with Heidi Heitkamp’s long list of bad votes, […]

  • Heidi didn’t want this

    Hey everyone– The U.S. economy accelerated to a 4.1% pace of growth, a clear win for President Trump’s pro-growth policies and his economic agenda that Heidi Heitkamp so rigidly opposes. […]

  • Heidi’s Trade Troubles

    In a blatantly political maneuver, Heidi Heitkamp came out against President Trump’s plan to protect America’s agriculture industry from China’s trade retaliations. Rob Port detailed Heitkamp’s politically motivated actions, pointing out that […]

  • Heidi can’t hide from this

    Vice President Mike Pence’s visit to Grand Forks today will serve as a powerful reminder for North Dakota voters that Heidi Heitkamp has fought tooth and nail against the Trump-Pence agenda in […]

  • Treason Troupe arrives in North Dakota

    Another out-of-state, progressive group announced Friday they were descending on North Dakota to distort Kevin Cramer’s strong record on veterans and the military. Not only is this group’s attack so weak and desperate that […]

  • Now THIS is “politics at its worst”

    You’d think Heidi Heitkamp’s team would learn by now to be more careful with digital ads, but apparently they haven’t. Yesterday, North Dakota Democrats released a digital ad falsely claiming Kevin Cramer is […]

  • Heidi Heitkamp is playing politics with North Dakota farmers

    Yesterday Rep. Kevin Cramer was appointed to the Farm Bill Conference Committee, a major win for North Dakota’s farmers and ranchers who will have a voice on our nation’s ag […]

  • Apparently *not* one of their Priorities

    Heidi Heitkamp voted with President Obama nearly 90% of the time and strongly supported Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Now their political teams are poorly returning the favor. Obama and Hillary’s Super […]

  • ICYMI: Heidi Heitkamp’s preferred President

    Hey everyone– Last night, Chris Berg posted a video highlighting Heidi Heitkamp’s preferred choice for President, Hillary Clinton, and her out-of-touch liberal policy positions. Hillary Clinton opposed the second amendment, promised to […]