August 2020 Newsletter

Note from the Chairman

Fellow Republicans,

Greetings from Charlotte! It has been an exciting week here with our North Dakota delegation conducting Party business and rallying for President Trump’s reelection with conservatives from around the country. While this is certainly different than any other Convention we’ve seen, the enthusiasm is real and what you’re watching at home reflects the optimistic and energetic spirit we’re seeing here.

Last week, the Democrats offered a dark and pessimistic vision of America at their Convention, but this week, President Trump and our Republican leaders have encouraged Americans to not despair. We have seen inspiring stories from real Americans whose lives have undoubtedly been changed for the better as a result of President Trump’s transformative policies. Under the Trump-Pence team, America’s best days are truly ahead of us.

Our travels to Charlotte, however, have not stopped our important business back home! Just this week, we have seen Measure 3 be removed from the ballot, as well as the candidacy of Travisia Martin. NDGOP was proud to lead the way in ensuring that out-of-state liberals don’t influence our elections. We could not have gone into these tough fights without your support and activism that helped the rule of law prevail.

Thank you again for tireless support. Onward to November!


Measure 3 Defeat

Great news! Measure 3 is OFF the ballot. This initiative was funded by out-of-state liberals and would have changed the way we vote in North Dakota. Many were, unfortunately, deceived into signing it under the guise of helping our military. We are pleased that the incredible grassroots efforts that many of you supported helped educate so many of our friends and neighbors about the dangers of this initiative. We’d like to give special thanks to National Committeeman Shane Goettle for helping spearhead the opposition to this effort.

Travisia Martin Victory

More great news from the North Dakota Supreme Court this week: NDGOP’s legal challenge was successful in removing Travisia Martin from the ballot. We had long argued that she had no place running because she was not a North Dakota resident.

From Chairman Berg:

“Today is a great victory for the rule of law in North Dakota, and the NDGOP is proud to have led the way in the legal fight that has resulted in this decision. Between this decision and this week’s earlier news that Measure 3 would also be thrown off the ballot, we are pleased that out-of-state liberals have been stopped on both counts from coming into our state and making a mockery out of our process. We look forward to reelecting Jon Godfread and our other great conservative leaders this November.”

Thank you to Sandy Boehler & Welcome Lori Hinz!

I want to take a moment to thank National Committeewoman Sandy Boehler for her wonderful service to the NDGOP and to welcome our new National Committeewoman Lori Hinz. Our mission is only possible through the service and volunteerism of dedicated activists like Sandy and Lori, so we are grateful to both for representing us so well!

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