Hey Heidi, Give Something Else

Career politician and DC liberal millionaire Heidi Heitkamp is out with a new ad trying to falsely paint her opponent as out-of-touch. But the reality is, Kevin Cramer has always put North Dakotans first.

Heitkamp is using this ad to make utility rates a campaign issue, but that won’t work. Throughout his career Kevin Cramer has always worked to lower these rates. By the end of his tenure as Public Service Commissioner- where salary is set by the state legislature, despite the Heitkamp ad’s claim- North Dakotans had on average the one of the lowest monthly electric bills in the nation. In Congress, he voted for the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act which is reducing utility prices for North Dakotans today.

As for attacking Cramer’s campaign manager, his wife- Heitkamp should be asked why it was okay for Heitkamp-endorsed Democrats like Senator Kent Conrad and gubernatorial nominee Marvin Nelson to also employ their wives and family as campaign staff.

LET’S BE CLEAR— Kevin Cramer has always put North Dakota first, but Heidi Heitkamp has not.

While living in her luxurious $1 million DC home, Heidi Heitkamp has voted against lower taxesfewer regulations, and lower utility rates for North Dakotans while lining her campaign coffers with millions from New York and California liberals. Despite her ad’s insinuation, Heidi Heitkamp has even taken more money from the oil and gas industry than Cramer has. Heitkamp pushes an elitist, special interest agenda; and she doesn’t vote like North Dakota.

Her new ad is called “Give Yourself,” but if lies, an out-of-touch liberal voting record and anti-jobs, special-interest platform is all she’s offering, Heitkamp should considering giving something else.

“Heidi Heitkamp’s campaign is built on lies, misinformation, and manufactured controversy; and this ad is nothing new,” said North Dakota Republican Party Communications Director Jake Wilkins. “Heitkamp should focus on serving her constituents and answering for her out-of-touch liberal record instead of baselessly attacking her opponents while running from tough questions.”

Put North Dakota First