NDGOP Slams “Socialist” Build Back Better Bill

BISMARCK – Today, Perrie Schafer, Chairman of the North Dakota Republican Party released the following statement in response to the passage of the $1.75 trillion Build Back Better spending bill:

“It is outrageous that at a time when North Dakotan families are hurting because of inflated energy and food prices – thanks to the Democrats’ endless spending – that Joe Biden would have the audacity to pass yet another trillion-dollar disaster. The so-called ‘Build Back Better’ plan will make America worse. It not only adds to the deficit, but also funds AOC’s socialist schemes like the Green New Deal and gives taxpayer-funded payouts to illegal immigrants. This vote yet again underscores the importance of taking back the House of Representatives in 2022 and protecting our conservative leadership here in North Dakota. Thank you to Congressman Kelly Armstrong for taking a strong stand against this shameful piece of legislation.”

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